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Poems are important

I wrote this sometime around April 5th and took a few months to finish it.


The sky looks like the sea,

(there is so much to remember)

the reeds glitter in the breeze,

the wind does what it will

Some people, they walk in circles

each night until the Breath allows

them to recoil away from themselves.

Some people, their insight runs too deep.

The fog drunkenly meanders toward

the shoreline. There could be fog

one day (they warned), the gulls

appear unsuspecting as always

Some people, their Achilles Heal

is in their chest. Some people,

they beat beat beat so hard

in order to love this life

The sun reaches for the horizon

aches (to swallow whole) the

Lighthouse twists its bulb on

the descending dark

Sometimes, what rises from

the dust could never grow branches

with enough shelter to guard against

shrapnel falling from the inside

Sometimes, people put joy

on like a coat, just like tree bark

around all of those rings,

forming a protective shell

for the most sorrow

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